Zions Data Service


Project Details Zions First National Bank, one of the largest banking institutions in the Intermountain West, chose SBS as part of the design team to build their new premier Critical Data Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 20 years of experience, SBS provided valuable knowledge and insight before and during the construction process. […]

Switch & Data


Project Details Switch & Data, one of the nation’s Premier Colocation Vendors chose to renovate an existing building in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah for use as one of 34 nationwide facilities. A Wood Core Panel with Static Dissipative High Pressure Laminate Surface was selected. A surprisingly light weight Panel, the Wood Core was chosen […]

Social Hall Avenue

Project Details The Social Hall Avenue Building, located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah utilizes a USG 1250 Concrete Filled Raised Access Floor Panel and Rigid Grid Understructure throughout the 68,000 square foot building. For added security purposes, the Internal Revenue Service chose to corner lock the Panels down.

Pacific Landing

Project Details The Design Team at Pacific Landing reviewed numerous Raised Access Floor Systems before selecting the Maxcess Raised Access Floor System. Pacific Landing chose the 1000 lb. Panel with Corner Lock Understructure for use in it’s two 50,000 square foot buildings located in the new 40 acre commercial development park located in Salt Lake […]

UVU Science Building

Project Details The new Sciences Building located on the Utah Valley State College Campus in Provo, Utah is a State of the Art Educational Facility. A 1250 lb. Bare Surface Panel with an Ultimate Load of 3,800 lbs. and a Corner Lock Understructure were chosen for their durability and superior weight bearing capabilities in the […]

Goldman Sachs

Project Details With a heritage dating back to 1869, Goldman Sachs, a Global Investment Banking and Securities Firm, has been able to offer their clients superior service and reliability by utilizing the latest technology. In 1897 Goldman Sachs used the telegraph to offer clients in the United States lower interest rates from Europe. In 2000, […]

Ninigret X

Project Details The first in a series of “innovative buildings” to be built in the new 2 million square foot industrial park in Salt Lake City, the Ninigret X Office Building utilizes numerous high tech features including a Raised Access Floor System. Raised Access Flooring was installed throughout the 97,000 square foot, four story building. The 1000 […]


Project Details Founded in 1998, Talk 2 Technologies, Inc. brings “the power of the internet to the phone and the power of the phone to the internet.”Through voice recognition technology, Talk2.Com provides simple and reliable access to the world wide web from any telephone. To facilitate their rapid growth, Talk 2 designed a state of […]

Ovid Technologies

Project Details Ovid Technologies is on the cutting edge of the information retrieval industry by providing powerful, high-end information solutions for researchers and professionals in academic, corporate, and medical settings. The expanded Salt Lake City Operations Center, located in the newly constructed Jordan Commons Office Tower, employs over 140 peoplein operations, technology, and accounting fields. A […]

LDS Assembly Hall

Project Details This auditorium is one of the foremost high tech state of the art facilities of its kind in the country. The media center within the hall is capable of simultaneously transmitting proceedings in up to 60 languages world wide. Two and a half years in construction, the $240 million, 1.4 million square foot LDS […]