About Intellivex

About Intellivex

Intellivex is headquartered in Utah and specializes in consulting, designing, building, and infrastructure equipment sales for Mission-Critical Data Centers and Smart Buildings. With over 37 years of experience, Intellivex has been a leading provider of Data Center Solutions throughout the Intermountain West for any size Data Center or Server Closet. Intellivex also serves as a manufacturer’s representative or dealer for many leading Data Center building components including switchgear, UPS systems, energy storage, PDUs, RPP, data cabinet PDU’s, data cabinets, cooling/CRAC units, along with multiple other products.

Our extensive list of customers includes the Utah Data Center (NSA), Adobe, HP, Aligned Energy, C7, eBay, Bennett Federal Building, IBM, Goldman Sachs, University of Utah, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Hill Air Force Base, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo Bank, BYU, Ace Data Centers, DataBank, Social Security Administration, Novva, and the Oklahoma Federal Building to name a few.

WHY Intellivex?

Data Center critical infrastructure is only as good as the sum of its parts, and there are many. To help our clients win the e-business game Intellivex offers workplace solutions to create secure, reliable infrastructure designed to work seamlessly from the workplace to the Internet. The best executives know that they must focus their competencies on building wealth and shareholder value. Distractions can no longer be tolerated in the intensely competitive business world.

Intellivex is an unsurpassed one-stop resource for tailored infrastructure solutions that give our customers a competitive edge while securing mission critical data. We are uniquely positioned to deliver unbiased recommendations as to whether or not our customers should build and manage their own e-buildings and data centers, outsource to a managed infrastructure solution or a combination of both.

After that decision has been made we provide our customers with nothing short of world-class mission critical consulting and infrastructure through our Design / Build Group. Click on the link for more information in regards to our past projects and clients.