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Specialized Total Scope Assistance for Engineers: Assisting Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical and Facility Engineers with all of their IT, Data Center, Green Building and Power Quality Projects including LEED assistance.

Toshiba UPS Systems

True On-Line, Double Conversion, UPS Systems (IGBT Technology): Uninterruptible Power Supplies from a Single Module (1kVA to 750kVA) to Multi-Modules Paralleled for a Redundant and/or Capacitive application.  Learn more

ASM Raised Floor Systems

Modular Raised Access Floor Systems: Resistance Welded All Steel, Concrete Filled and Aluminum Panels, Ramp and Hand Rail Systems, Conductive HPL Tile and Carpet Surfaces. Learn more

PDI Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Power Distribution Units, TVSS and Data Monitoring Systems: Power Distribution Units (PDU), Power Distribution Cables and TVSS Systems. Local and Remote Data Center Monitoring (SNMP, ModBus, LAN Mark, etc). Learn more

STULZ Air Technology Systems

Data Center Precision Air Conditioning System: Stulz-ATS leads the industry as the first manufacturer of CRAC & CRAH units with EC Fan Technology providing a 30%-50% Energy Savings over traditional cooling systems. Learn more

Rittal Reliable Infrastructure Products

Complete Line of Innovative and Reliable Infrastructure Products. Enclosures / Cabinets, (HP, Dell, IBM), High Density and In-Row Cooling, UPS, PDU Power Distribution Units (Metered, Smart, Switched), and Cable Management. Learn more

E1Dynamics Rotary UPS Systems

The Rotary UPS combines the UPS System and Emergency Generator into one Complete System: E1 Dynamics brings you the most advanced technologies in Rotary UPS, manufactured by Euro Diesel. The High Power Small Footprint Rotary UPS is viewed in today's world as the next greatest advancement in UPS System Efficiency and Reliability. Learn more

Synergy Energy High Efficiency Transformers

Harmonic Mitigation / High Efficiency Transformers: Three Phase Specialty Transformers (All Sizes for Low, Medium & High Voltage). Total Solution for Harmonic Induced Current and Voltage Distortion Problems. Complete Cancellation of Harmonics Generated by Non-Linear Equipment Loads. Learn more

ISO-Base Seismic Isolation Platform

The Seismic Isolation Platform uses a patented Ball-N-Cue technology to provide the most effective way to protect your critical equipment agaisnt seismic events. Learn more

La Marche DC Power Systems

DC Power Solutions, Battery Chargers, Converters, and Inverters: The LaMarche name has been synonymous with reliable battery chargers and power conversion equipment for more than 60 years. Learn more

TraceTek Fluid Leak Detection

Leak Detection for Industrial and Commercial Applications: Reliable and Accurate Fluid Leak Detection Sensors for Water, Petroleum and Acids - as used in thousands of installations worldwide. Learn more

LEA International Lightening Protection Products

TVSS and Lightning Protection Systems: A Full Line of AC, DC, Data Signal Surge Protection, Lightning Protection and Data International Center and/or Building Ground Systems to protect all of your Critical Equipment. Learn more

CYBEREX Static Transfer Switches

Static Transfer Switches: Using Fiber Optic Communications and a Single-Platform Design, the Optical Power Transfer Switch (OPTS) is the most Reliable and Versatile line of Sub-Cycle Power Transfer Switches available in the world today. Learn more

Raritan Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Raritan’s power management solution provides highly accurate, detailed information about the power in your data center. In data centers and IT labs everywhere, facilities are approaching operational capacity limits. Power resources are increasingly constrained. And the cost of energy is spiraling out of control. Learn more

Lightwave fiber optics

One Stop Solution for all your Fiber-Optic Requirements: High Density Fiber Patching Systems, Patch Cables, Optic Connectors, Attenuators, Media Convertors, Transceivers, MTP Equipment, Patch Panels, Adapter Panels.  Learn more

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