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DC Power Systems by La Marche

Since 1945, La Marche has been providing reliable power conversion products.  La Marche products include industrial battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplies, inverters and many more.  We have built our reputation by controlling all aspects of the development process including design, in-house manufacturing and testing.  La Marche is an ISO 9001; 2008-certified manufacturer which includes 100% functional testing for every La Marche product.

Battery Charging Systems for Data Centers

La Marche Manufacturing serves the Utility, Telecom, Engine Start, Material Handling, Marine and many more markets.  The La Marche name has been synonymous with reliable battery chargers and power conversion equipment for more than 60 years.


Controlled Ferroresonant  

AVIA Battery Charger

Controlled Ferroresonant Filtered

A36D Rectifier/Power Supply

TPSD Battery Charger/Power Supply

Ferroresonant Technology

CCF Motive Power Battery Charger

EC Series


Mag-Amp Technology

A40/A40F Engine Starting Battery Charger

A41/A41F Marine Battery Charger

A45M Mine Battery Charger

A46/A46F Engine Starting Battery Charger

A48/A48B Centrifugal Fire Pump Battery Charger 


Mag-Amp Filtered 

A12B Battery Charger/Power Supply

SCR Technology

A39 Universal Battery Charger 

A70B Battery Charger

AGVB Battery Charger


A75R Railroad Battery Charger

ESCR  Engine Starting Battery Charger


A18JA Engine Starting Battery Charger

A18J/ A20R Engine Starting Battery Charger

Switching Power Supply

LPM Low Power Module

Switchmode Technology

A96 Switchmode Utility Rectifier
A97 Switchmode Utility Rectifier

LMHF Modular Switchmode Rectifier

TPM Switchmode Rectifier

Accessory Package

Digital Combined Accessory Package Systems

LCD C.A.P System

Manual Bypass

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