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TVSS and Lightning Protection Systems by LEA International

The Protection Technology Group offers high quality, innovative surge protection solutions for sensitive electronics. Our products ensure that lightning and other electrical anomalies will not be the cause of down time due to equipment damage or destruction. We design custom surge protection solutions for telecommunications, railway, military and energy OEMs and service providers.

TVSS and Lightning Protection Systems

For over forty years, Transtector and LEA have provided industrial grade ac surge protection for critical facilities.

Lightening Surge Protection

PolyPhaser RF lightning protectors are available in coaxial dc block and dc pass patented designs. Our Bias-T and DAS (distributed antenna system) solutions save you time and money by integrating surge protection with Bias-T and modems. 

PolyPhaser and Transtector provide a comprehensive line of surge protectors designed for indoor and outdoor communication and control data line protection.

PolyPhaser and Transtector offer low voltage dc, 24 V, 48 V and high voltage dc industrial surge suppressors in multiple mounting options configured in both indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Our ac surge protection products are available in wall mount, rack mount, panel mount and DIN rail mount ac surge protection product designs incorporate proprietary non-degrading, fast acting, high performance silicon avalanche suppressor diodes (SASD) and robust MOV technology for high current surge protection.

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