TraceTek - Fluid Leak Detection

Fluid Leak Detection Systems by TraceTek

TraceTek leak detection for industrial, commercial and heritage applications.

Liquid leaks can damage critical infrastructure, the environment, individual safety or plant integrity. Don't find the problem too late install a TraceTek leak detection system to alert you to the precise location of the leak so you can take action before that damage is done.

Fluid Leak Detection for Data Centers

Good reasons to select a TraceTek leak detection system

  • Reliable and accurate fluid leak detection sensors for water, petroleum and acids - as used in thousands of installations worldwide
  • Digital signals that provide local, networked and remote alarms and diagnostics
  • Modular system so that simple or complex systems can be configured and allow for future expansion

TraceTek leak detection sensors... more than a sensing system.
A complete solution to provide peace of mind in critical applications.

TraceTek - Brochure (PDF)

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