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Data center project - Ninigret XData center project - Ninigret X - Raised Access Floor

General Info

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Building Owner: Ninigret Park Development
Architect: EDA ArchitectsSize
General Contractor: Legacy Constructors, a Jacobsen, Layton and Oakland Joint Venture
Size of Installation: 97,000 square feet
Products: Raised Access Flooring, Sub Floor Plug & Play Power, Voice and Data Distribution, Cable Tray, and Critical Power Equipment.

Project Details

The first in a series of “innovative buildings” to be built in the new 2 million square foot industrial park in Salt Lake City, the Ninigret X Office Building utilizes numerous high tech features including a Raised Access Floor System.

Raised Access Flooring was installed throughout the 97,000 square foot, four story building. The 1000 lb. Cementuous Filled Bare Surface Panel was installed in the General, Executive and Common Areas for its strength and rigid feel underfoot. Numerous electrical closets required the additional strength of the 1250 lb. Cementuous Filled Bare Surface Panel. The Panels are constructed of an AllSteel, Die Formed Bottom Tray and filled with cement. This combination of materials provides exceptional strength under heavy loads and a solid feel underfoot.

Free Lay Carpet Tiles installed over the Access Floor provide a finished look to the project and provides additional noise reduction qualities. The 14”Finished Floor Height allows plenty of space for the Plenum Control System, featuring High Induction Air Diffusers which can easily be relocated simply by picking up and relocating the Floor Panel. This air delivery system helps reduce drafts, hot and cold spots, and improves the over all air quality.

The ease of change within the office space was one of the key selling points for Communications & Commerce (CommComm), who occupies the entire building. Alan Truitt, co-founder and president of CommComm commented, “This building was designed with high-tech usage in mind and is loaded with features that offer a superior working environment for our employees”.

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