Wells Fargo Loan Operation Center

Data center project - Wells Fargo Loan Operations CenterData center project - Wells Fargo Loan Operations Center - Underfloor cable trayData center project - Wells Fargo Loan Operations Center - Floor access panelData center project - Wells Fargo Loan Operations Center - Cable tray system

General Info

Location: Billings, MT
Building Owner: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
Architect: A & E Architects
Size of Installation: 145,000 square feet
Products: Raised Access Flooring, Critical Power Equipment, Cable Tray, Sub Floor Cabling, Computer Room HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems

Project Details

Since 1852 Wells Fargo Bank has been an innovator in the banking industry. With the first stagecoach delivery in the 1800’s, Wells Fargo has become known for their focus on the most reliable and convenient way of doing banking. It was this customer orientated way of thinking that went into developing their new 145,000 square foot Data Processing Center in Billings, Montana. The new building was designed to be a model of efficiency and productivity for the company and its employees.

Raised Access Flooring played a crucial role in creating this unique office environment. A 1250 lb. Panel with High Pressure Laminate Surface and an 18”Finished Floor Height create an office environment that takes full advantage of the health and comfort benefits created by an Under Floor Air Plenum. With an Under floor Air System, the facility maintains exceptional air circulation by decreasing stale air and creating a natural thermal lift environment.

A Segmented Cable Tray System, which utilizes a unique 2’x 2’design, allows for easy installation and reconfiguration of Cabling and Electrical Service Outlets and ensures flexibility when reconfiguration of work or office space becomes necessary.

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