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General Info

Location: Billings, MT
Building Owner: C3 Investments L.L.C.
Architect: EDA Architects
Size of Installation: 12,000 square feet
Products: Full Turnkey, Design Build, Raised Access Flooring, Critical Power Equipment, Cable Tray, Sub Floor Cabling, Computer Room HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems

Project Details

When designing this 2 story office building, numerous design features were employed to create a working showroom which utilizing many of the products and services that SBS promotes.

A 1500 lb. Raised Access Floor System with Bolted Corners and a Rigid Grid Understructure was installed throughout the building. While the majority of the Panels are Bare Surface to accept FreeLay 18”Carpet Tiles, portions of the building, including the lobby area and cafeteria received ceramic tiles and rubber matting.

An America Cable Modular Electrical System for Power, Voice and Data Cabling is located in the Under Floor Plenum created by the 14”Finished Floor Height. The America Cable Electrical System is a complete Plug and Play System. Each connection is UL listed and safe for in house personnel to make changes quickly and easily.

Both floors of the building utilize the HVAC Air Distribution System which uses ducted UV Boxes to feed conditioned air to “Passive Plenum”zones. Air is supplied at ground level thru Diffusers which can be adjusted to control the climate in individual work zones.

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