Project Details

With a heritage dating back to 1869, Goldman Sachs, a Global Investment Banking and Securities Firm, has been able to offer their clients superior service and reliability by utilizing the latest technology. In 1897 Goldman Sachs used the telegraph to offer clients in the United States lower interest rates from Europe. In 2000, they increased their network bandwidth globally by 224%, thus increasing their ability to communicate through voice, video and data cabling.

When Goldman Sachs renovated 60,000 sq. ft. on the top floor of the Williams Building in Research Park, Salt Lake City, Utah a 1250 lb. Bare Raised Access Floor Panel with Corner Lock Understructure was chosen for it’s superior weight bearing capabilities under heavy loads. The 1250 lb. Panel with Static Dissipative High Pressure Laminate Surface is well suited for use in the LAN Rooms and Mail Rooms. A 6”Finished Floor Height provided Plenum Space for Cable Management and allowed for easy leveling of the new floor over an uneven existing concrete slab.

Numerous application areas were finished with Free Lay 18”Carpet Tiles which can easily be replace if they become worn or stained. By offsetting the Carpet Tiles over the joints of the Raised Access Floor Panels an additional barrier was provided against contaminants entering the Under floor Plenum Space.

General Info

Location: Research Park, Salt Lake City, Utah
Building Owner: California Avenue L.L.C.
Architect: EDA Architects
Size of Installation: 60,000 square feet
, Raised Access Flooring, Critical Power Equipment and Sub Floor Cabling.