Project Details

Founded in 1998, Talk 2 Technologies, Inc. brings “the power of the internet to the phone and the power of the phone to the internet.”Through voice recognition technology, Talk2.Com provides simple and reliable access to the world wide web from any telephone. To facilitate their rapid growth, Talk 2 designed a state of the art Computer Room in the prestigious Triad Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Supporting the computer operations is the 1250 lb. Panel with a Static Control High Pressure Laminate Surface, which provides superior strength and weight bearing capabilities. A 12”Finished Floor Height with a Bolted Stringer Understructure allows for easy reconfiguration of Service Center Outlets and Cable Management Access. In addition to the Power and Cabling Systems, the Plenum also contains a Redundant HVAC System. Perforated Air Flow Panels are strategically positioned throughout the site to allow customized air circulation and enable the A/C System to counteract the effects of heat generated by large pieces of equipment. is changing the way people look at their telephones systems. Their new Computer Room will help to ensure continued success as they provide the “World’s first web voice portal.”

General Info

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Building Owner: Triad Center
Architect: EDA Architects
Scope of Work: Turnkey Computer Room
Size of Installation: 1,600 square feet
Products: Full Turnkey, Raised Access Flooring, Critical Power Equipment, Cable Tray, Sub Floor Cabling, Computer Room HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems.