Project Details

The new Sciences Building located on the Utah Valley State College Campus in Provo, Utah is a State of the Art Educational Facility.

A 1250 lb. Bare Surface Panel with an Ultimate Load of 3,800 lbs. and a Corner Lock Understructure were chosen for their durability and superior weight bearing capabilities in the 20,000 square feet of training classrooms. The Raised Access Floor Panel is constructed of an All Steel, Die Formed Bottom Tray and filled with cement. This combination provides exceptional strength under heavy loads and a solid feel underfoot.

A 6”Finished Floor Height provides ample space for the miles of Data Cabling necessary to link the various computers, equipment and LANS. Electrical Service Centers, conveniently located throughout the Floor System provide easy access to Voice, Power and Data Cabling and are easily adaptable to future growth.

General Info

Location: UVU Campus, Orem, Utah
Building Owner: Utah Valley State College
Architect: EFT Architects
Size of Installation: 20,000 square feet
Products: Raised Access Flooring, Cable Tray and Sub Floor Cabling