Project Details

Viawest Internet Services delivers high quality full service internet access and web site hosting services to business and residential customers across the Wasatch Front. A recent merger with Vyzynz required a larger facility to accommodate the rapid growth that they are experiencing.

The new facility, located in the historic Salt Lake Hardware Building, possesses many unique architectural details including original brick walls and hand cut solid pine beams. These details were incorporated into the new Computer Room and provide a stark contrast between the past and the future.

A 1250 lb. Panel with Static Control High Pressure Laminate was chosen for its high wear resistance, strength and sound dampening qualities. The superior weight bearing capability of the Panel is further enhanced by a Bolted Stringer Understructure. The 12”Finished Floor Height allows for easy access to the extensive Cable Management, Under Floor Air, and FM200 Fire Suppression Systems. By utilizing an Under Floor Air System, the facility maintains exceptional air circulation by decreasing stale air and creating a natural thermal lift. Conventional ceiling vents push stale air down, and do not allowair to circulate.

As Viawest continues to grow and acquire new clients on a regular basis, the Raised Access Floor System ensures any reconfiguring of the Cabling and Connections in the Computer Room as easy as lifting a panel.

General Info

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Building Owner: Gastronomy
Size of Installation: 1400 square feet
Products: Full Turnkey, Raised Access Flooring, Critical Power Equipment, Cable Tray, Sub Floor Cabling, Computer Room HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems