Project Details

Zions First National Bank, one of the largest banking institutions in the Intermountain West, chose SBS as part of the design team to build their new premier Critical Data Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 20 years of experience, SBS provided valuable knowledge and insight before and during the construction process.

Numerous design features were employed, including the unique approach to the Fire Suppression System. All overhead water lines in the Data Center were eliminated and replaced with an FM200 System which utilizes a Clean Agent Fire Suppressant.

A 1250 lb. Panel with Static Control High Pressure Laminate was chosen for its high wear resistance, strength and sound dampening qualities. The superior weight bearing capability of the Panel is further enhanced by a Bolted Stringer Understructure. The 12”Finished Floor Height allows for easy access to the extensive Cable Management, Under Floor Air, and FM200 Fire Suppression Systems. By utilizing an Under Floor Air System, the facility maintains exceptional air circulation by decreasing stale air and creating a natural thermal lift. Conventional ceiling vents push stale air down, and do not allowair to circulate.

Two Redundant / Capacity 300 kVA UPS Systems were specified and installed to provide 24 hour a day operation. Continual operation is further insured by a 1250kw GenSet Generator.

The Air Conditioning System consists of (5) 20 Ton A/C Units andis designed for complete redundancy throughout the 10,000 square foot Data Center and 2,000 square foot tiered NOC Room. By over specifying the tonage of air typically used for a particular space, the A/C units are able to provide cooling in the event of repair or maintenance. The A/C Units were also designed using redundant components. In the event of a component failure, the identical second component in the same A/C Unit can compensate for the failure of the first.

General Info

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Building Owner: Zions First National Bank
Architect: EDA Architects
Size of Installation: 12,000 sq. ft. Data Center32,000 sq. ft. eBuilding
Products: Full Turnkey, Design Build, Raised Access Flooring, Critical Power Equipment, Cable Tray, Sub Floor Cabling, Computer Room HVAC, Fire Suppression Systems and Technical Furniture.